Saturday, May 24, 2008


"May I dare you also to reverse your prayer-style when it comes to the way you spend your income.

How many Christians pray before they go into the supermarket? How many pray before they go to the mall or shopping center? Before they buy a book or a magazine or go to a movie? Before they go to a restaurant where the cost of the check would sponsor a native missionary for a month? How about you?

Yet the minute they are challenged to support the real work of God, things become very spiritual. Now they have to pray about sponsoring a native missionary, pray about responding to appeal letters for missions, pray about contributing to the offering!"

~From The Road to Reality by K.P. Yohannan

A review on Amazon says that, "This book will open your heart to your own self-centeredness, your wastefulness, and your pride." I would have to agree and add hypocrisy to that list as well. Why would this (or any) reader subject herself to such a beating? Because I don't want to be Little Miss Lukewarm Laodicean. I don't mind being busted, if it means molding me to be more like Christ.

KPY's organization is Gospel for Asia, which supports the use of native missionaries to spread to the Gospel of Jesus. They have been one of the few groups that have been able to assist the peoples of Myanmar. Also, 100% of donated money goes to the field, with zero taken out for administrative costs.

I want to write more, but after almost a week of my Hubby being out of state, my kid-addled brain is struggling to form a coherent thought. And forget about thoughts.

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