Sunday, October 5, 2008

taking a hike

The Hubby and I recently took the first "real" vacation of our marriage. We've been to many domestic destinations, but they were either due to the variety of crazy moves we've made, the relatives we've visited, or times when I tagged along while Hubby was traveling for work. So they don't count. :o) This time around we got stamps in our passports (my first!), thus it was an official vacay.

We went to lovely Costa Rica. While we were there, everywhere we went we had to drive through the mountains. The up and down, up and down, combined with the curves made for a rough ride. But once we reached the upper portions and looked out across the valleys, the view was so beautiful. The land was shrouded in mist, lightly veiling the green expanses below.

Isn't that how it is with valleys? You don't want to be in one--I know I certainly didn't want to end up in one as we traversed the Costa Rican countryside! But once you have struggled to climb up the mountain, you can certainly better appreciate what lies below.

I've personally experienced this feeling in my life for quite a few months now. Aspects of my marriage, a few life situations, and some unhealthy family relationships really brought me to a low spot. Intellectually I knew that I didn't have it nearly as bad as many other people, but I still felt abandoned by God. I continued to go to church, to read my Bible (not everyday but enough to keep me from spiritually starving), to go through the motions. I stood in the valley, feeling very much alone.

Each day is my attempt to hike up the mountain. Although my marriage is much stronger and the other situations are slowly but surely being repaired, remembrances of the past appear in front of me in my weak moments, blocking my path to higher ground. God is faithful and is with me every step of the way, but the struggle is still there. He has promised that "in all things He works for the good of those who love Him." So I continue on--one foot in front of the other, clinging to the hope that the view at the top will be well worth the effort.

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